Monday, August 31, 2009

Monday Mornings

Chef: Brian
Sous Chef: Emily :)

This "Monday Morning" we were going to do a back-to-school breakfast for the children...sorta as a practice, since school starts tomorrow (YEAH!), but then we all decided to sleep in! ;) The children were still looking forward to pancakes, so Brian made them for Lunch before he had to leave for his flight to L.A. :)

Unfortunately, this post might be a bit disappointing to people who love pancakes...why? Because the recipe we use in our family, is one that my husband has designed and perfected and he refuses to share his secrets! :) He won't even tell Megan, who has begging to know what "secret ingredient" he has added! Brian tells her it is "Love" :) I can't give away any details, but he said I could post pictures, so in one of these pictures I have featured the "secret ingredient"...but remember, I can't tell you!

Pouring perfect pancakes (say that 10 times fast!!)

Here's our tip for easy pancake cutting, if you don't already do it....

Critiques: All time family favorite, so all good reviews :)

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