Friday, October 9, 2009

Enjoying the Journey!

Today we had quite a journey! :) Megan is currently taking WA State History, and she is doing a report on a WA State Tribe that is due next week. She has chosen the Port Gamble S'Klallam Tribe because my brother's girlfriend, Becky, is a member of the tribe and we figured we could get a lot of good information through her and Ryan. Today after school we decided to travel the almost 2 hour trip up north to Kingston, so Megan could take pictures and ask questions for her report.

Long story (not so short)...I placed too much trust in our GPS, and blindly followed the lead instead of listening to my brother's directions. Brother said go through Tacoma and get on Hwy 16 through Gig Harbor and go North that way, and GPS said head North on I-5. I got onto I-5 without thinking clearly about roads up North, since I very seldom travel that way without Brian driving. As I'm getting closer and closer to the exit, I start noticing signs for the Kingston Ferry...In my mind I'm thinking that there is a ferry terminal in Kingston and we should be to Kingston as soon as we pass through Edmonds....yes, you can all add a slow shake of the head and a small quiet sign here (I won't be offended, really!) It all started coming together when I noticed that GPS said I still had 38 minutes to travel until I reached Kingston! LIGHT BULB turning on here....I would need to ride the Ferry to Kingston from Edmonds (...notice the large body of water between Edmonds and Kingston...I now will never forget!!!) Then I notice the reader board that said the wait time for the ferry was 90 minutes!! AHHH! It would be dark before we reached Kingston, which would totally ruin plans for touring and taking pictures. Oh well, since we were already up north and Ryan was looking forward to visitors, and believe it or not, my children have never been on a Ferry Boat (which by the way, they LOVED, and kept thanking me for taking them on the awesome boat), and I have all our DVDs in the car to keep the children content, we decided to brave the 2 hour detour and Enjoy the Journey! :) Dinner plans were also detoured...Golden Arches here we come (kid's choice)!


Kelli said...

my parents live in Kingston

emily :) said...

I'm sure you know the options of travel very well! :) I now more fully understand, which is something you think I would have learned a long time ago since I've lived in WA almost my entire life!! :)

Judie and George said...

Well, the best laid plans. . . I wish I could go to Kingston and have a look around. I hope she got what she needed for her report.