Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Whip it up Wednesdays

When I was younger my mother introduced a clever way to describe the nights we were eating leftovers for dinner. She called it YO-YO night...which stands for: You're On Your Own! I'm not sure if someone else shared this idea with her, or if she came up with it on her own, but we use the concept often in our home! :)

Tonight was a YO-YO night, and we spread out our leftovers and the children were able to choose what they wanted on their plate...buffet style! For a quick easy Whip it up Wednesday, Yo-Yo night is perfect!

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Randi said...

That's so clever. I love it. I'm really enjoying this blog. I know these recipes have been tried and tested and I like that you post how your kids react. If they like it, I'm sure I will too! Thanks Emily!