Monday, October 26, 2009

Monday Mornings

We're back! My husband and I really enjoyed our trip to the southern state of GA! We ate some good southern food and visited with good friends (well, at least I did...Brian was actually working...I was vacationing ;)

I should honor the southern roots that we visited and share a recipe for grits and a runny egg, but instead tonight we were in the mood for another local tradition...not southern but Hawaiian!!

Sous Chef: Brian

Recipe: Loco Moco (traditional Hawaiian dish, or as we like to call it "Heart Attack in a Bowl!")

Rice, cooked
Spam, fried (more traditionally used is a hamburger patty)
Egg, fried
Brown Gravy

Layer and serve immediately! See visual guide for more detailed instructions...

Critiques ~
Brian: "Good Stuff!"
Megan: "Too salty, but not bad."
Anna: "Fabulous...I could eat this every day!"
Amelia: "I don't really like the gravy, but I like the rice, and the egg, and the sam (spam)" ;)


Wren/Karen said...

I just don't understand how this could taste good. I didn't even know people actually ate spam. Let alone people I am related to...

emily :) said...

Spam is an acquired taste ;) Brian loves it (we buy it in bulk at Costco!) I am learning to appreciate it :) Did you know that McDonald's sells Spam Loco Moco in Hawaii? Spam is huge there!

Judie and George said...

My mother loves Spam. I wonder if Hawaii acquired its taste for Spam during WW2. The diagram makes it easy to see how this goes together.

emily :) said...

Yes mom, I believe you are right...WWII started the Spam craze in Hawaii :)