Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Tasty Tuesdays

We actually cooked this Christmas Day, but I'm a bit behind in my posting! :)  We found this recipe for turkey in a Safeway Magazine a few years ago, and we LOVE it!  So EASY, delicious and moist!!  Safeway now distributes the recipe in their Meat Departments (at least they did during Thanksgiving and Christmas).

Sous Chef:  Brian! (Couldn't have done it without him!!)

Recipe: 2-Hour Turkey (by Safeway*)

* Safeway doesn't want the recipe reprinted or distributated, so I have included the link that they have to their website, so it's all legal-like! :)

The LINK: http://shop.safeway.com/superstore/homepages/images/recipe44.pdf

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