Thursday, August 27, 2009

Thirsty Thursdays

I have never made an Italian Soda before, but I've always wanted to try because I love them so much! It was very warm today, so a chilly drink tonight was perfect!

This morning I made simple syrups with some blueberries and watermelon (the watermelon syrup turned out really gross BTW), and my sister, Amber gave me some blackberry syrup today (Thanks Amber!) The children and I had fun trying the different combinations, and coming up with a delicious recipe!

Sous Chef: Amelia

Recipe: Creamy Italian Soda

Fill a 20-oz. glass in this order:

3.5 oz. (7 T.) flavored syrup (homemade blueberry and blackberry)
Ice cubes filling 3/4 of glass
8 oz. club soda or carbonated water
1/4 c. half and half

Top with whipped cream.

Children's Critiques ~

Megan: "This is REALLY good!"
Anna: "Delicious!"
Amelia: "Oh, that's so yum!"

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Kimberly Robinson said...

I have always loooooved Italian Sodas! And you're so good to make your own syrups!